Our Services

We process medical claims on behalf of Health Care Proffessionals. It is our task to complete the billing process in a manner that it will avoid rejections from the medical aid companies. Claims are processed and forwarded to all relevant Medical Aid Schemes within the same day or week of receipt and we also process Injury On Duty claims.

Payments (Reconciling Claims – Remittances)

At the end of the month, the Customer must ensure that all remittances are forwarded to the Supplier in order to reconcile the outstanding book-debt and to resubmit unpaid claims.

Patient Liable Claims

Patient liable accounts will be mailed to members, only if instructed by the Customer. Claims can also be sent to the rooms in order for the member to settle their personal account directly.

Electronic Submissions

Claims are submitted via any switching company preferred by the customer.

We also do follow ups and Resubmissions.

Credit Controlling

Credit Controlling is carried out on a daily basis on the data that has been captured. Regular expediting and follow up on outstanding accounts is carried out and the Supplier retain all credit controlling notes for future reference.

The Supplier liaise directly with the different Medical Aids to recover unpaid accounts, which was submitted before.

Financial Reports

Monthly turnover reports is handed to the Customer, as well as complete reports.


If there is information that the Customer needed to know that might not have been mentioned in this document or is not sure about any of the services being provided, The Customer should not hesitate to contact the Supplier.

We value our customer's support and hope to be of service to you in the near future.


J.W POOE MBChB MSc Sports Medicine - 1463462 - 011 932 9778

Dr. M Mokoape MBChB FCOG(SA) - 0704385 - 065 859 3160

B.M RAMETSE MBChB - 0359300 - 072 542 9104

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